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Badge Label
Serrated Label
Print Labels
Leather/Artificial leather/Jacron label
Woven Label
Handle Label Shirt
Embossing Labels
Carton Label/Tag Label
Cut and Folding
Laser cut Labels
Miniature woven carpet
Polishing Label
Woven strip labels
Sticky label

We produce Labels for world


  Weaving and finishing below for your every need of our services You can find information.

Basic shape of the label is woven label. Unlike woven fabrics in the market were imported from abroad, with our special fine-denier yarn is able to tap up to 80 frequencies. Required in the way you requested, using measures are designed.        

Laser labels, woven labels after the labels of the carved or burned into the desired shape can give. This process is done according to your desired design is presented.  
Cut and Folding  
 Apart from doubling the normal cut-off labels, using the latest technology have been closed on three sides and fold in the form of a letter from Manhattan, called the butterfly, etc. with all kinds of services we offer as the original wrapping.  
 Embossed labels, woven label is made on a different process. Since our establishment in Turkey of this process are the first company performs. During this time our technical by improving the shape of the label or embossed tissue paper and let stand out clearly the difference that this method provides the highest level Erbey Tags are proud of.  


Shining with the special procedures of the label, is given a glossy finish.


Sterch and Press/Apre



The process has touched starch imported from overseas private label products to be planted with Cola, according to the desired hardness of the qualifications is to stiffen. The label hard and smooth starch the shape of textile products provide an elegant posture. Stiffen its original state after the label takes the first wash.




 A label is the most important part of design. Those who exceed their Desinatorlerimiz sector, the labels of the most talented and most beautiful way that you want us to provide They provide and create new designs. Wish you design your label in the desired direction, size, color is created with the latest technological systems.  


Cut And Folding


All the polyester segment is a method commonly used for labels.
The precise content of fibers from heat damage from burning the tags is the method used for cutting.

Do not disturb the body, wash-resistant and excellent for cut edge cutting is a form developed. Polyester, cotton and many types of labels can be used as transparencies.




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