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Badge Label
Serrated Label
Print Labels
Leather/Artificial leather/Jacron label
Woven Label
Handle Label Shirt
Embossing Labels
Carton Label/Tag Label
Cut and Folding
Laser cut Labels
Miniature woven carpet
Polishing Label
Woven strip labels
Sticky label

We produce Labels for world

We established a close relationship while emphasizing mutual trust with our customers, and we will improve ourselves more and more.


Label shows whether the product is quality or not. The more quality the label is, the more sales it will have by attracting attention of the buyers. That is the sole reason that label quality has a crucial importance for the future of the product and the brand.


We manufacture our woven labels with the help of our worldwide well-known Muller woven machines.

Laser, Galvo laser, embossing, polishing , printing and all cut and folding procedres are made with the help of the latest technology Willy machines.

For extremely delicate cuts we are using our Muller machines for precision.

Our printing office does have a machine course of Heidelberg.

We are striving to pursue latest technology and machines to provide you the latest quality.


Label shows the quality of the product. The better the design, the more quality it has been perceived. Label is the thing, which exhibits the product, and expresses its brand quality to its buyers. And the product gets identity and attraction with a good design on the label while using the elements of writing and painting delicately.
























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