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Badge Label
Serrated Label
Print Labels
Leather/Artificial leather/Jacron label
Woven Label
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Embossing Labels
Carton Label/Tag Label
Cut and Folding
Laser cut Labels
Miniature woven carpet
Polishing Label
Woven strip labels
Sticky label

We produce Labels for world


In 90’s the label market was not using much technology as the investment prices were high, and as a result the manufacturers weren’t providing quality goods. Seeing this opportunity, Erbey Etiket was established in 1989 in Bayrampasa. We set our first goal as bringing a new vision to the Label industry while investing to improve technology and quality.

Quality, punctuality, design, and trust are what our customers tell about us. We are now manufacturing and distributing labels around the world by increasing our capacity day-and-day. Being aware of the fact that the label is one of the most crucial details, as it represents the brand, we are working collaboratively with our customers. More>>



 Woven Label We can manufacture Woven Labels for any design, and pattern according to your needs on our weaving machines, which are equipped with latest technology.  Embossing Labels:  Woven Labels can go through this process(optional) and the labels, having the brand or the image of your products, will gain a more elegant appearance.
 Polishing Label: Woven Labels can go to this process(optional) to become polished by injecting complete polishness(LAK).  Print Labels: These labels are manufactured by using the latest printing technology. In addition by producing ribbon printing labels, we do get ribbons, which are used in packaging of shirts.
Badge Label: Badge Label is a type of woven label. This label can be used on jackets, tees, jerseys, hats and etc. Laser cut Labels:
Those labels can be made with the special laser cut machines by cutting the desired points with the precision of laser machines.

Miniature woven carpet:

We do have miniature sized woven products having carpet designs.

Woven strip labels: Those labels can be made with the special laser cut machines by cutting the desired points with the precision of laser machines.
Leather/Artificial Leather/Jacron label: According to your needs, this product can be put on leather/artificial leather or jacron by using the pattern of your desired print. This one is generally demanded in jeans industry.
Carton Label/Tag Label:  Woven labels, shaped in strips, are used mostly inside of shirts and pants.
Cut and Folding : We provide you the labels in boxes after they go through cut and folding machines.
Ultrasonic Cut :
Those cuts on labels are made with special ultrasonic machines. They are flawless and precision. They are helpful by clearing off the discomfort on the nape of the neck by using on the shirt labels.



Address: Numune Bağı Cad.İmren Triko Merkezi No:48 / 25-31
Bayrampaşa / İST  

Phone :(0212) 674 27 47 3 Line
FAX :(0212) 501 86 63



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